FHU Lacrosse

FieldhouseU Lacrosse training will be provided by Dallas Box Lacrosse

High School Training

Monday’s from 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm

$240 for 6 session package

Youth Training (5th – 8th grade)

Wednesday’s – 5th/6th from 6:00 pm – 7:30 pm

Wednesday’s – 7th/8th from 7:30 pm – 9:00 pm

$240 for 6 session package


Training Focus Points:

  • Understanding the Pick and Roll – Traditional pick, Back Door pick, Front Door pick, Seals/Screens.
  • Secrets of Scoring – Inside shooting, Deceptive shooting, Time and Room, Shooting through traffic.
  • Effective Positioning – With-ball, Adjacent, and Off-ball
  • Cutting for a Purpose – Effective I-cuts, V-cuts, C-cuts, Moving/Shuffling into space.
  • Dynamic Traffic Play – Crease play, Threat with and without the ball.

Fundamental Skill Development – Players will practice the lacrosse skills (passing, catching, shooting, running.) associated with the focal points. The idea is that through repetition players will be able to practice the many fundamentals that go into a desired skill. This can be defined as something as simple as stick protection or something as complex to proper body movements and footwork.

Individual Skill Development – Similar to fundamental skill development this type of development focuses on an individual’s particular skill development. However this type of development is often built upon and associated with the graduation of fundamental skills. No longer is it just passing and catching, but rather passing and catching with a defender, and when time and space is taken away. Individual skills will be identified and practiced in conjunction with fundamental skills.

Individual Tactical Play – The emphasis is to allow all players an opportunity to gain an individual tactical synopsis of the five concentrated focus points. The concentrated focus points in this particular circumstance essential will build off each other and will add value for a player’s individual tactical development in the offensive zone. In short, the demonstration will explain and break down individual principles and tactics. In conjunction, defensive players also gain individual tactical development by understanding the “mind of an offensive player”. Furthermore, defensive principles are demonstrated and defined.