FHU Basketball

General Info

4 - 14+

ALL participants are REQUIRED to purchase and wear a FieldhouseU training shirt to their training sessions.

Shirts can be purchased at the front desk for $20.


ALL participants MUST bring their own ball to each training session. Balls are not provided.

Moving a player from one training class to another is at the discretion of the skills coach. Placement is based heavily on the player’s level of ability.

Little Dribblers

Ages: 4 – 6
Net Height: 8 ft
Monday’s 4:00 – 4:45 pm
$140 for 6 session package

This introductory class is for little players who are just starting to pick up a basketball for the first time and want to learn how to dribble, pass, and shoot on an 8 foot goal. This class will teach players how fun the game of basketball can be while also starting the process of developing basic fundamental skills. NOTE: This class is not intended for players with more advanced skills or who have played on a 1st or 2nd grade team. Those players should register for our Beginner’s class.


Ages: 6 – 8
Net Height: 8 ft
Monday’s 5:00 – 6:00 pm OR Wednesday’s 4:00 – 5:00 pm
$150 for 6 session package

For players on the 8 foot goal that know how to dribble and shoot and have previous playing experience. Although patience is always a virtue with these young players, they will also be challenged to excel at a much higher level than Little Dribblers. Players will work on more advanced footwork, ball handling, passing, shooting, and defensive techniques. This class will also start to shape the skills players will need for game competition.


Ages: 8 – 12
Net Height: 10 ft
Monday’s, Wednesday’s or Thursday’s 4:00 – 5:00 pm
$180 for 6 session package
$300 for 12 session package
(second weekly practice is always on Thursday)

For 1st time players and those moving up from the 8 foot goal to the 10 foot goal, this class curriculum continues to teach and enhance the basic fundamentals described above for beginners, while also starting to incorporate more basketball IQ, concepts and rules of the game. Building the confidence and skills to play on a team in a competitive recreational league.


Ages: 10 – 14
Net Height: 10 ft
Monday’s, Wednesday’s or Thursday’s 5:00 – 6:00 pm
$180 for 6 session package
$300 for 12 session package
(second weekly practice is always on Thursday)

For players with basic skills who play on a competitive recreational team. While continuing to stick with the premise of developing fundamental basketball skills, this curriculum takes things to a more advanced level by putting even more of an emphasis on footwork, advanced ball handling drills, passing, defensive technique, shooting with the weak hand, shooting in 3 point range, and attack the basket/1 on 1 scoring moves. This class starts to take the skill development to another level.


Ages: 12 & Up
Net Height: 10 ft
Monday’s 6:00 – 7:30 pm
$240 for 6 session package

For players with very advanced skills and those playing on a select team or for their school team. As the stakes get higher for players to make middle school, high school and college rosters, the level of intensity of their workouts must also increase. With an additional 30 minutes added, the speed, athleticism and degree of difficulty of the drills go to the next level with this skills group. Not only will players learn how to make a quicker decision with the ball, they will also learn how to make proper reads before they get to it. This class is essential for success in a faster, more competitive team environment. Advanced team concepts will also be introduced to implement more game-like situations, the goal is to develop a razor sharp offensive player with an equally developed basketball IQ.

Pistols Shooting Academy

Monday’s 6:00 – 7:00 pm OR
Wednesday’s 5:00 – 6:00 pm
$180 for 6 session package

This is a volume shooting class for shooters. All players can take a shot, but coaches love to call a play for the player that they can count on to make shots. Whereas the skills groups listed above are geared towards developing the overall game with lots of ball handling and other aspects of the game, the sole focus of this skills group is to enhance the shooting/scoring abilities of shooters on competitive teams. Minimal ball handling will take place, as the goal is to get off as many different types of shots as possible within 60 minutes. Zone shots, man-to-man shots, stationary catch and shoot shots, shots coming off of screens, transition shots, shots off the dribble and more will be the diet for those in this up-tempo group. The goal is to develop a confident, deadly shooting touch from all areas of the court, in all situations. NOTE: this training is not for those wanting to work on form or mechanics. Those seeking extra shot form attention are encouraged to schedule a private lesson.


(Together Everyone Achieves More)
$150 for (1) one hour, half court session
$175 for (1) one hour, full court session

Need help with developing winning skills for your team? Coach Lloyd is available to conduct a skills session or team concept practice for your team on one of our courts. He can come during your league practice time or we can set up a separate court rental appointment.

Private Lessons

1 on 1 individual coaching
(3 player max)
Times are to be determined
(1 hour session)
$90 for 1 player
$150 for 2 players
$200 for 3 players

Private lessons are available for those players wanting extra personalized coaching to really attack a particular area of need. You define the problem and we will provide the coaching to correct it. However, as with the group skills, it will probably take multiple private lessons to fix a problem/bad habit that has been formed over a period of time. Repetition is key!


Training Dates

Session Training Dates

Below are the dates that each training session will be held on. Be sure to verify what training you are signed up for and the day/time it will be held.

Monday Training Dates

January 6th

January 13th

January 20th

January 27th

February 3rd

February 10th

Wednesday Training Dates

January 8th

January 15th

January 22nd

January 29th

February 5th

February 12th

Thursday Training Dates

January 9th

January 16th

January 23rd

January 30th

February 6th

February 13th

Frequently Asked Questions

This is a specialized training program provided by FieldhouseUSA. The training sessions are offered year round and are bundled into specific training dates and prices. The programs are similar to a practice, where you will develop your technique and skill. You will not be placed on a team and compete against other teams. If you are interested in playing on a team then please browse our available leagues.

Some training programs require a specific training shirt and some do not. Please visit the training page you are interested in to verify if a training shirt is required.

Each participant needs to bring their own ball to their desired training program. Players are also welcome to bring a bottle of water.

Yes! You can sign up for a training program at any time. Prorating begins at the 3rd week of a session. However, you can only sign up for the current training program dates. EXAMPLE: Training program is 8 weeks. You are wanting to join at the 5 week mark. You can only attend training for the remaining 4 weeks (week 5, 6, 7 and 8) at the prorated price. If you want to continue into the next training session, you will need to register for that training session.

No. To attend a training session you must first pay for the training program.

(1) Training programs are non-refundable. Refunds are based only on the cancellation of sessions by FieldhouseUSA.
(2) Payment cannot be carried over to another or future training program.